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The Alien Mobility HOA Charging Service

Complete turnkey solution for charging electric vehicles in apartment complexes.

Carefree charging for users, HOA’s and trustees

Alien Mobility is introducing a unique total solution for charging electric vehicles in and around apartment buildings.

By working with strong partners such as Elia, Fluvius, KBC and Belgian Eco Energy (BEE), Alien Mobility can offer a solution in which the VME or trustee does not have to deal with charging costs or other administrative hassles.

Thanks to our joint expertise, we offer our total solution: from an initial study to the follow-up of the completed project.

No paperwork for
VME & trustee

Our aim is to completely unburden the HOA and its trustee. Thus, these parties do not have to follow up on any charging sessions. Alien Mobility processes the charging data and initiates its financial settlement without the intervention of the HO A or its trustee.

Price conscious
and green charging

Thanks to the partnership with BEE, we can offer renewable and local energy. This electricity is supplied at actual hourly rates. With these dynamic prices, BEE offers absolute transparency and in addition, BEE allows us to automatically unlock the value hidden in price fluctuations.

Reliable processing

Alien Mobility puts the EV driver first and works with renowned partners such as KBC and BEE. Your charging sessions are accurately recorded. Your energy is Belgian, affordable and renewable. KBC ensures the correct financial settlement of all charging sessions.

A thorough study

A prior study is necessary to transform your requirements with progressive insight into the perfect charging experience. Alien Mobility has the expertise to guide you from initial contact through to aftercare.

Smart, safe and
efficient charging

The Alien Mobility Smartbox guarantees smart, efficient and safe charging. Available power is dynamically distributed (load balancing). Power outages are always avoided. Prioritization, charging during e.g. off peak hours or with solar energy, etc. are also among the

Simplicity and
future oriented

Do you have an individual meter for your flat and your parking space? Then Alien Mobility also has solutions for smart charging of your vehicle. Our energy management module regulates your energy management and charging of your vehicle without looking back. Also, your Alien Mobility Smartbox is always adapted to the latest standards.


Contact us for an informal discussion and discover the advantages

Would you like some more info on our working method and how we manage to turn your HOA’s problems into opportunities?

Contact us for a free and informal discussion by phone or mail.