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Alien Mobility charger for electric vehicles ACE20R

799.00 999.00 

The Alien Mobility ACE20R Electric Vehicle Charger is designed to help charge electric vehicles at work or at home, both indoors and outdoors. This device works in harsh and glassy climates, but still looks and behaves attractively, solving any charging session with maximum ease and comfort.

Product description

Why choose Alien Mobility?
Advanced Alien Mobility technology multiplies our extensive experience in the mobility sector, with over 20 years of history in the field of public parking, both on-street and off-street.

Whether it’s sunny or cold, inside concrete buildings or in an open car park in a remote area of ​​an airport, Alien Mobility has created excellent user-friendly solutions for remote command and control parking fee collection fully operational. This now translates into our new electric mobility products: recharging your electric vehicle at home or at work.

Our technology is renowned for its attractive and functional design, intuitive and easy use, excellent performance and customer-centric approach, including modern reporting and clear communication.

The company’s hardware and software products are developed by our strong team of specialists and engineers.

We always ensure the use of high quality and durable components that are up to the task they perform. Our design team combines fully functional hardware with elegance and style, which creates a timeless image of today’s modern street furniture, as well as in and around any building.

ACE20R-A07 Electric Vehicle Chargers: Our solution for charging at work and at home.
Much more than just a charging point for electric cars:

ACE20R input/output
Choose between two different specifications.
For our perfect EV charging solution we provide you with our ACE20R-A07 model which uses a 230V single phase input and produces a maximum of 7kW.

User interface
Electric vehicles connect to the Alien Mobility charging infrastructure using European standard type 2 cables. To start the charging session we allow two ways to access the charger: Ready for immediate use or (optional) RFID card. The optional emergency stop function allows the power cord to be removed if necessary.
It is also possible to order the internet-connected charging box, which includes 5 meters of cable and a type 2 connector.

Protection against electric current is considerably covered with industry standards, e.g. overcharge protection, over/under voltage protection, overheat protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, wrong grounding protection.
With IP55 protection, our charging stations are suitable for outdoor use, also in more extreme weather conditions. This electric vehicle charger works from -30⁰ to +50⁰Celsius.

Warranty, maintenance and support services
ACE20R-A07 has a limited mandatory warranty period of 2 years. The warranty applies to design errors and all internal electrical components, housing and mechanical parts. Any damage or malfunction that occurs due to an external event is excluded from this warranty.

Every Alien Mobility electric vehicle charger includes the following benefits:

– The Alien Mobility team, better known as “Aliens” is based on extensive experience and knowledge of mobility and the public domain
– Our products and solutions have a unique design
Benefits include:
– functionality and user experience
– high quality components
– trusted apps
– ISO 9001:2015 certified for production, maintenance and support
– 20 years of proven reliability with thousands of devices in the public domain

Our ACE20R-A07 model is equipped with
– MID certified energy meter with precise measurements
– IP54 protection suitable for outdoor use
– RCD type A and DC 6mA residual current protection for your safety
– Wi-Fi/Ethernet/4G (optional) for secure, high-quality connections
– EU type 2 output socket, or (optional) internet connection, including a 5 meter cable plus an EU type 2 connector (IEC62196)
– RFID card reader & 2.8 inch LCD screen with sun protection
– OCPP 1.6J (compatible with OCPP 2.0.1) for optional messaging and reporting
– operating temperature -30⁰ to +50⁰Celsius
– operating humidity 5%~95%
– CE certification
– Warranty 24 Months Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
– Clearly written maintenance manual, manual with full details for maintenance and instructions.

Technical specifications


ACE20R-A07S, ACE20R-A07T, ACE20R-A22S, ACE20R-A22T


Residential / commercial area

Voltage and electrical installation

One phase 230 V

Frequency (Hz)

50/60 Hz

Current output

One phase 32A Max

Charging connector

Socket type 2 or internet connection type 2 (5 m or 7 m)

RCD (Residual Current Device)

30mA AC & 6mA DC

Electrical protection

overcharge protection, over/under voltage protection, overheat protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, grounding protection


1 x physical button


Pause (Green), Loading (Blinking Green), Error (Red), Warning (Blinking Red)

Network connectivity

Ethernet, WLAN, Cellular (optional)

RFID Radio Frequency Identification

ISO 14443


LCD 2.8 inci

Data protocol

OCPP 1.6J (extensible to OCPP2.0.1)

Operating temperature

-30⁰ C ⁓ 50⁰ C / -22⁰ F ⁓ 122⁰ F

Storage temperature

-40⁰ C ⁓ 70⁰ C / -40⁰ F ⁓ 158⁰ F

Operating humidity

5% ⁓ 95% non-condensing

Mounting type

Wall Mount (Standard) / Floor Pole (Optional Accessory)

Protection against infiltration


Dimensions (HxWxD, mm)

360mm x 269mm x 146mm

Web portal administration



internet connection version 4.6 kg socket version 6.7 kg

Mobile application



CE, IEC 61851-1, IEC 62196-2

Network interface

Ethernet, WLAN Cellular (optional)

Loading protocol

OCPP 1.6J (extensible to OCPP2.0.1)

IC counter

Counter IC for load measurement and balancing


Maximum width 288 mm; maximum height 380 mm; maximum depth 141 mm.