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Alien Mobility e-Box home battery ACE3000R-EB512

ACE e-Box stores surplus energy from solar and the grid for when you need it most, while saving your electricity bill in the process.

Save more on your electricity bill

ACE e-Box allows you to fully utilized the energy generated from your PV system and automatically carries out peak shaving. Moreover, it can help prevent surging demand charges, helping you to cut back significantly on your electricity bill.

Product description

Use every drop of energy from your solar panels

The majority of energy generated from solar panels comes during mid-day. However, for most homes, energy usage peaks in the morning and the evening. As a result, only 30% of the energy generated is used on average.

ACE e-Box helps you store that solar energy and allows you to use it whenever instead ofletting it go to waste.

Alien Mobility e-Box home battery ACE3000R-EB512

Keep your home light up 24/7

ACE e-Box prepares you for accidents and natural disasters that may cause a power outage. Keeping important appliances running can make sure you and your family are safe even during the most extreme circumstances.

* Back up capability depends on the PCS chosen.

Appearance – ACE e-Box

The ACE e-Box residential energy storage has a simple and elegant design to fit into any home. The status of the battery is clearly shown on the LED screen at the front of the battery. The modular design of the battery allows the battery capacity to be easily customized according to the need of your home.

Technical specifications


100 Ah

Battery Capacity

5.12 kWh

Usable Capcity

4.60 kWh

Depth of Discharge


Rated Voltage

51.20 V

Operating Voltage Range

48 V – 57 V (90% DoD)

Internal Resistance

≤ 30 mΩ (100 Ah)

Cycle Life

6000 Cycles (80% DoD)


10 Years Product Warranty

Protection Level


Max. Charging

50 A (0.5 C)

Max. Discharge

100 A (1 C)

Max. Short Circuit

200 A

Working Temp

– 10 °C – 50 °C


≤ 90 % ROH, No Condensation

Module Connection

1 – 8 Parallel


5.12 – 40.96 kWh; Increments of 5.12 kWh

Usable Capacity

4.61 – 36.86 kWh; Increments of 4.61 kWh

Energy Consumption

< 2 W (Work mode) , < 50 mW (Sleep mode)

Monitoring Paramenters

System voltage, Cell voltage and temperature, Current, PCBA temperature


UL1642, IEC62619, IEC62133, UN38.3, CE, UN38.3