Tickets and subscriptions vending machine ACE – Hybrid

Tickets and subscriptions vending machine, is the modern and automatic alternative for kiosks or points of sale that issue parking tickets and subscriptions in the form of RFID cards. Its main goals are to reduce additional personnel costs and fraudulent attacks.

Product description

Tickets and subscriptions vending machine: ACE – HYBRID

– Coin reader
– High-performance banknote reader, resistant to temperatures of -20 +66 degrees Celsius with secure banknote box
– Java/Linux operating system, programmable remotely from the dispatch center or locally with the help of a mobile smartphone application
– High performance charging system with GEL batteries
– Powered from the Public Lighting Network at 230V

– Steel/aluminium/stainless steel
– Painted in an electrostatic field (anti-graffiti paint)
– Resistance to weather and acts of vandalism
– Closure in 5 or 6 points

– 230 V public lighting network
– High performance gel battery
– Protection against electric shock
– Filtration system and electrical conversion
– Grounding system according to electrical safety requirements

– High-quality printing of 203/300 dpi with a speed of up to 250 mm/s
– Robust case made of stainless steel
– Reliable components

– Accepts currencies preset by the customer
– Anti-liquid design
– Anti-lock system
– Coin recovery box

– It accepts banknotes in Lei, Euro or other currencies
– Possibility of banknote insertion in any of the four parts
– Secure banknote box, capacity of 300/500/1000 banknotes

– Monochrome LCD screen
– Anti-vandal
– Anti-vandal, corrosion-resistant metal keyboard

– Acoustic alarm in case of burglary

Additional options

– GPRS communication mode + monthly dispatch subscription
– Coin Balance Module – Banknote Balance Module
– Bank Card payment method (Swipe, CIP & Contactless)
– RFID Card payment mode – with Subscription function
– Electronic Closing System

Technical specifications


LCD, Monochrome Display – 4×20, resistant to vandalism, protection against sunlight, external factors


up to 90 kg (depending on the installed internal components)

Power supply

230V AC / 50-60Hz


12V/7 Ah (connected to the 230 V electrical network)

Ticket dimensions

(L x W), set by the beneficiary

Operating system

Linux/Java Script, remotely programmable

Coin reader

10 and 50 cents. It accepts cards preset by the client

Banknote reader

1 lei, 5 lei, 10 lei (with the possibility of configuration depending on the applied tariff)


GPRS, on 4 bands (850/900/1800/1900MHz)

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