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Alien Mobility

proved to be the most important Belgian company that designs, develops and produces solutions for automatic parking and charging systems (complete systems or separate devices).

About us

Alien Mobility

Alien Mobility develops and markets eMobility as a Service as technology solution provider & hardware manufacturer and enables a seamless & frictionless e-driving experience through EV Charging solutions and smart energy connections. We design, develop and produce full automated solutions (complete systems or separate devices) for parking and charging with our dedicated hardware engineers and software specialists.

By accumulating more than 10 years of experience in the field of electronic ticketing and making devices available in different configuration The Solution offered by Alien Mobility always followed client oriented aspects such as profitability, efficiency, precision, safety, environmental protection.

The company’s hardware and software products is developed by a strong team of specialists and engineers. Years of continuous development have made it possible for Alien Mobility products to be present in foreign countries such as Poland and Ukraine.

Belgian ownership allows for expansion beyond neighbouring countries into Western Europe, where our mobility solutions are highly sought after and the ‘next big thing’ is green environmental friendly zero-carbon footprint electric mobility.

Our team

Kristof De Vree

“Mobility products and services are in the DNA of our company. The switch from fuel-based cars to electric vehicles in combination with the energy transition is a huge challenge. I’m sure at Alien Mobility we can really make a difference for all our clients.”

Frank Ulrich

“At Alien Mobility I’m able to share my professional ideas, knowledge, skills and extensive experience as a business expert, with an eye for the needs in a sustainable society with social responsibility and based on the principle of ‘win/win’.”

Andrei Daniel Bica

Sales manager

Spending my time helping to enrich our community, creating a green environment is an opportunity for me. The energy transition is a real challenge. I’ll be glad to answer all your questions.

“A Great Movie Is Like a Great Wine – It
Just Never Gets Old.”
John Doe

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